Playing roulette online

Roulette is a very popular game in online casinos. It is also called King of the Casino because of its massive payments. If you want to play roulette online, open your account at online-casino-nz and begin your game. But before you do so, read this article on what all factors you should choose while signing up on casino which has online roulette.

Good selection of games

There are different kinds of roulette. European roulette has one slot for 0 and 36 slots from 1 to 36. In the American version, the roulette wheel has an additional slot for a 00. Therefore, odds vary significantly in both these two versions. Some online casinos also have French roulette but this version offers limited bets to players. Choose a casino that fits your requirement.

You could also have a look at online casinos that offer live dealer games. In live roulette, you are playing against a dealer who is dropping the ball on the wheel in a far off casino. You can connect with him through your computer screen, ask questions, get tips and generally chit chat. Not all online casinos offer great quality live roulette.

Online casinos and bonuses

You should choose a casino that offers unlimited bonuses and promotions. Almost every new player, upon signing up, gets a Welcome or Signup bonus from his or her casino. This bonus could be linked to your making an initial deposit in which case it is called a Deposit Bonus. If you don't make a deposit, you can still be eligible for a No Deposit Bonus.

Loyal players who renew their casino accounts quite often can expect to receive Reload Bonuses. Then, there are High Rollers who are pampered by their casino by receiving certain special bonuses. Some players always maintain high deposits with their casinos, they are rewarded with special bonuses in terms of the percentage of their deposits. Please note that all these bonuses come with certain conditions.

How to play roulette online

It is a table based game that is played on a revolving wheel. This wheel is divided into separate sections. Except 0 and 00, all the other sections are coloured in either red or black. Note that these sections are arranged at random and not sequentially. Before the ball is dropped, every player lays his bet on the betting table that is divided in to various sections.

  • You can win up to 35x your stake
  • Roulette is meant for newbies and pros

There are two kinds of bets that you can place- Inside and Outside. Inside best have low odds but very high payouts. These are placed on one number, two numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers and 6 numbers. Outside bets are placed on groups of numbers/ High/ Low , Black/ Red, and Odd/ Even numbers. These bets have high odds but very low payouts.


How to win roulette online

Choose a table that has the least and maximum Outside bets. If you are low on budget, you can lay small outside bets and minimise your losses. On the other hand if you win, you stand to gain handsomely. Place bets on Dozens such as 1-2, 13-24 or 25-36. You can also lay bets on Columns. That said, please keep in mind that every event is independent.

There is an interesting betting strategy. Here, you lay a bet of $1. If you lose it, place another bet of $1. If you lose that one, lay the next bet of $2. Your next bet would be $3 in case you lose $2. So, your betting sequence would look like ; 1,1,2,3, 5,8...and so on. This strategy is called Fibonacci betting strategy.

Other betting strategies

Another interesting betting strategy is the Martingale strategy. Here, you place a bet on a single colour and keep doubling your bets to recover your previous losses. So, if you bet $1, and you lose it, your next bet would be $2, then $4 and so on. The other goal in this strategy is to win a small profit should you win on your last bet.

Some casinos cap your bets. For example, if you bet $50 in Martingale, it can be disallowed by your casino. You can try out another strategy called Reverse Martingale Strategy. Here, you double your wager should you win your bet and half it if you lose your wager. Finally, a word of advice to all; change your betting strategy depending upon your finances.